Avon M50 US Military Issue Gas Mask, JSGPM, Joint Services General Purpose Mask

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New out of original package, these were used for display at local trade shows so we have discounted these for quick sale. Includes a new sealed set of filters along with a set that was installed for display purposes so basically two sets of fresh filters.

The M50/JSGPM (Joint Services General Purpose Mask) has been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense to replace existing respiratory protective masks used by several branches of the military.

The design and development by Avon of the M50 mask has resulted in the most advanced general service respiratory protection mask to date, offering significant improvement in comfort, usability, operational effectiveness and protection.

MANUFACTURER INFO: Avon Protection Systems, Inc. is a leader in the development and manufacture of respiratory protection products for use in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) applications.

The M50 provides outstanding protection from battlefield concentrations of CB agents, toxic industrial materials, toxic chemicals and particulate matter. The streamlined design offers unique twin conformal filters for low breathing resistance and reduced burden, excellent weapons integration and balanced weight distribution.

Check out this video produced at MacDill Air Force Base

    M50 Gas Mask NSN 4240-01-512-4434
    2 Filters (installed)
    Flip File Operators Instructions
    Waterproofing Bag NSN 4240-00-377-9401
    Camelbak Hydrolink Conversion Kit NSN 8465-01-499-9948
    Camelbak CRR (Chemical Resistant Reservoir)
    Bonus Skull-cap style head harness
  • Unique polyurethane visor is highly flexible plus scratch and impact resistant
  • Optically correct across the whole field of view
  • Panoramic visor design gives excellent field of vision and wearer recognition while enhancing compatibility with weapon sights
  • The Vision Correction System allows prescription lenses to be mounted inside the mask
  • Clear outserts for extreme environments.


  • Heat build up minimized
  • Low inhalation resistance
  • Low re-breathed carbon dioxide
  • Excellent de-mist propertiesUSER BENEFITS:
  • Chlorobutyl rubber silicone blend giving the mask a high degree of flexibiliy and comfort for extended use
  • Unique twin low profile conformal filters
  • Unique head harness eliminates pressure points for a more comfortable fit
  • Advanced reflex seal for helmet compatibility
  • Extended chin flap for garment compatibility with JSLIST suits
  • High flow fail safe drinking device enables connection to a canteen or bladder type system
  • Second-skin hood/mask interface allows mask to integrate with the Gore Chempak material protective hood
  • Minimal replacement parts for simple maintenance COMMUNICATIONS:
  • Provides clear communication while wearing mask
  • Electronic Communication Port (ECP) allows an Audio Amplifier to be safely connected in a CBRN environment to an internal microphone.
  • Additional communication systems can be attached via this ECP using an appropriate lead.FILTRATION:
  • Twin filter design significantly reduces breathing resistance and improves weight distribution
  • Bayonet fit provides quick and efficient filter attachment
  • Filters can be replaced without breaking the protective seal through self sealing valves
  • Conformal filter technology improves integration with equipment



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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 7 in

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