Air Rifle Hunting Through the Seasons: A Guide to Fieldcraft


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This book describes all you need to know about hunting with an air rifle and is suitable for beginners to experts. It also guides the reader through the lore of field craft from stalking and ambushing your prey to hide building and decoying.

Unlocking the secrets of the relationship between wildlife, the countryside and the changing seasons is what separates a good hunter from a great one. Through this book, readers will be able to not only understand what their quarry is doing and where, but ensure they have an understanding of fieldcraft, from stalking and ambushing to decoying.

Down on the farm — The traditional May rook shoot — Recipes for spring — Summer — Stalking rabbits — Time to switch to ambush tactics — Long-range rabbiting — Rabbits after rain — Retreat to the farmyard — Woodpigeons in the cornfields — Combine casualties — Thirst-quenching troughs — The mixed appeal of maize stubbles — Pigeons in summer woodland — Sit and wait for squirrels — Recipes for summer — Autumn — Rabbits and mushrooms — The pheasant release pen — Fruitful hunting — Exploiting the autumn frenzy — Making use of fur and feather — Hunting knife and sharpening — Lamping rabbits — Recipes for autumn — Winter — Pest control around pheasant feeders — Hide shooting for hungry crows — The winter crow roost — Woodpigeons at the roost — The attraction of ivy — Shelter on the farm — Lamping rats — Night vision for extreme stealth — Let it snow — Recipes for winter — Legal matters and kill zones — Airgun law — Insurance for shooters — Legitimate quarry — Kill zones — Preparing meat for the table — Hanging — Pigeon preparation — Rabbit preparation.


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