Punisher Style 1911 Compensator Black With Laser Etched Punisher Logo


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1911 “PUNISHER” Style Compensator
Muzzle Brake
Stainless Steel Black MIL SPEC Finish with Laser Etched Punisher Logo

Installation is quick and easy, it simply replaces the standard front barrel bushing.

This Compensator is machined to fit Full Size Colt 1911 models and compatible clones.

Reports have been given that users have experienced 20-30% recoil reduction (depending upon ammo being used). Personally I saw my groups improve after installing one on my Springfield Armory 1911.

Please note: These parts may require some fitting depending on the barrel of your weapon and the slide combination, but should fit right onto a stock configured weapon.

In general they will fit any 1911 clone pistol that has a barrel OD between .577-.581″

  • Bushing ID is .583″ +-.0005″. This part is machined to fit any 1911 stock or clone pistol that has a barrel OD between .577″-581″.
  • Fits calibers up to and including .45 acp. Can fit .38 and 9mm
  • Adds approximately 1” length to barrel and weighs 2.6 oz.
  • CNC Machined Billet Hardened, Aerospace grade Stainless Steel
  • Not compatible with bull barrels – This compensator is not threaded
  • Minor fitting may be required
  • Shipping via USPS – First Class

Care and Maintenance:  After firing 50 rounds (each time), we strongly suggest you remove the compensator and clean both it and the barrel to remove any residue build up, which can eventually cause your weapon to malfunction. This is considered to be part of the “proper maintenance, care and use” of this part. If proper steps are not taken to care and clean this part, continued use of this part on your weapon may result in a damaged part or weapon.

We ARE NOT liable for damage caused to this part or your weapon, due to lack of proper maintenance, improper installation of part, or “forced” installation of part on weapon that does not have matching specs. If this part is installed on a weapon that does not have matching specs, all implied warranty/guarantee of a refund or replacement is VOID. We DO NOT issue refunds for damaged, altered or misused parts that are returned to us.

Please Note: This Compensator will not fit Commander Style 1911, please see our other listing for the Commander version.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 1 in


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