The Prepper’s Water Manual


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A Resource Guide for Smart Preppers and Owners of Self-Sufficient and Off-The-Grid Homesteads

Finally, a comprehensive, illustrated resource guide to help you through any water-related emergency.
The aim of this guide is to empower the reader with the tools to create a self-sustained, thriving environment with living water in abundance.

Topics covered include: well digging by hand, digging with an auger, drilling with a homemade PVC drill, driving a well point, how to harvest rainwater, which pump system to use, water treatment systems for domestic use, how to chemically treat water, how to build a filtration system, the different water treatment options, how to store water, how to manage water and waste, how to deal with waterborne disease, how to find water for your land, and many more.

This guide will provide you with the know-how to overcome whatever nature throws at you.

A book that belongs on the shelves of every prepper or homestead owner.

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: November 30, 2016
EAN: 9780620739481

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