Warrior Aid Litter Response Kit, WALK, from North American Rescue

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From NAR’s website:

First, we gathered as much information as possible to correctly define the requirement. From numerous observations and after-action reviews compiled from operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, we learned that a new focus was needed for vehicle first-aid kits. From Warfighters and Tactical Healthcare Professionals, we learned that the focus ought to be decreasing preventable combat death at the point of wounding.

With the task defined, we developed the product. The Warrior Aid & Litter Kit (WALK) allows first-aid treatment and immediate evacuation of one patient in a non-traditional vehicle, plus it allows multiple other trauma patients to be treated until additional transport arrives. Thats successful engineering.

Our engineers took the state-of-the-art Talon 90C (a quad-fold rigid litter with retractable handle system) and designed a package that holds not only the litter, but also a streamlined pocket-system containing self- and buddy-aid medical supplies. The WALK gives true definition to the term aid and litter kit. The WALK also contains our Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit (HPMK) to help stabilize patients during transport.

Light and compact, the WALK® reduces cubic weight and, thereby, evacuation time.

The WALK® interfaces with any standard or non-standard casualty evacuation asset and is ideal as part of the pre-positioning of medical supplies or cache for disaster response. The WALK® has adjustable shoulder straps for occasions when the kit is used to provide treatment and evacuation on target. Bags may also be purchased separately.

The WALK® is the new vehicle life-saving kit for the Department of Defense.


  • Official US Army vehicle life-saving kit
  • For treatment of multiple trauma patients and immediate evacuation of one patient
  • Includes Talon®II 90C quad-fold litter
  • Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit™ helps stabilize patients during transport
  • Interfaces with any standard or non-standard TACEVAC asset

Kit Contents:

  1. 1 x Bag (CCRK®–WALK®)
  2. 10 x Black Talon® Nitrile Trauma Gloves (5 pr.)
  3. 2 x Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F with Lubricant
  4. 1 x Casualty Equipment Bag
  5. 2 x HyFin® Chest Seal
  6. 2 x ARS® Needle Decompression Kit (14 G x 3.25 in.)
  7. 2 x C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®)
  8. 4 x Trauma Dressing, 6 in.
  9. 4 x S-Rolled Gauze™ (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd)
  10. 1 x ETD™ Abdominal Emergency Trauma Dressing
  11. 2 x SAM® Splint II
  12. 1 x Trauma Shears (7.25 in.)
  13. 1 x Surgical Tape (2 in.)
  14. 1 x GeckoGrip™ Rescue Tape
  15. 1 x Combat Casualty Reference Card
  16. 2 x Combat Casualty Card (Triage)
  17. 1 x Aviation Panel (Recognition, Orange)
  18. 1 x Talon 90C® Collapsible Handle Litter
  19. 1 x Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit™ (HPMK™)
  20. 4 x Tie Down Strap (Universal Litter)

Talon II Model 90C Collapsible Handle Litter


  • Advanced, innovative combat evacuation system featuring patented portable quad-fold design with retractable handles
  • Developed to U.S. Army requirements
  • Certified Safe-to-Fly U.S. Army Rotary Wing

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Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 17 x 12 in


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