A Comprehensive Guide to Rifle Ammunition Vol. 1 of 2: ” 132 Rifle Cartridges Under 39 Caliber “


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Rifle Ammunition (commonly shortened to ammo) is propellant and projectile, or broadly anything that can be used in combat and fired from a rifled firearm. The purpose of ammunition is to project force against a selected target. However, the nature of ammunition use also includes delivery or combat supporting munitions such as pyrotechnic or incendiary compounds. Since the design of the cartridge, the meaning has been transferred to the assembly of a projectile and its propellant in a single package. Ammunition involves the application of fire to targets, general use of weapons by personnel, explosives and propellants, cartridge systems, high explosive projectiles (HE), warheads, shaped charge forms of attack on armour and aircraft, carrier projectiles, fuzes, mortar ammunition, small arms ammunition, grenades, mines, pyrotechnics, improved conventional munitions, and terminally guided munition. A “round” is a term synonymous with a single cartridge containing a projectile, propellant, primer and casing. This book focuses on the rifle cartridge, its history, dimensions, construction, assembly and use. This volume 1 focuses on 132 rounds under 39 caliber. You can purchase volume 2 which discusses 150 Cartridges larger than 50cal. Including Metric Cartridges at https: //www.createspace.com/ 6098527. This book is designed to be a reference and provide an overview of the topic and give the reader a structured knowledge to familiarize yourself with the topic at the most affordable price possible. The accuracy and knowledge is of an international viewpoint as the edited articles represent the inputs of many knowledgeable individuals and some of the most current knowledge on the topic, based on the date of publication.


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